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Advantage of Derivatives

  1. 2006- We acquired the membership of National Stock Exchange of India Ltd (NSEIL) in the name of Thar Share Brokers Private Limited.
  2. 2004-We also acquired the membership of Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd (MCX) in the name of Gangwal Commodities Brokers Private Limited.

We are proud of the fact that,all through this journey of growth we have never compromised on our basic principle "trade with confidence"

Our Vision

  1. Single screen trading allowed in all mardet segments i.e. in NSE/MCX
  2. Maximum exposure against Margin.
  3. Daily multiple research call flashes on trading screen during trading hours.
  4. Powerful online back office for accounts.
  5. Banking gateway through HDFC bank.[other bank chq's can be directly deposited in our account.
  6. Discounted brokerage for e-banking client.

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