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  • Thar share Broker private limited is a corporate member of National Stock Exchange of India. Limited doing business of equity & derivates broking with commitment of Trade with Confidence

  • In Equity Market, the Thar Group has acquire knowledge of the financial markets of the country during the last 5 years of its business.
    The group and all companies can boast of sound domain knowdedge because its Professional Management and Manpower are well assist by the hi-tech upgraded infrastructure
    We serve Multitude of our retail investing customers through our own corporate thought our own corporate office at jaipur.

  • Derivates are financial contracts, which derive their value from the underline assests such as :-
    1. Equity
    2. stock
    3. Bond
    4. Stock-indices
    5. Commodities
    6. Precious Metals
    The World over, derivates are key part of the financel system.
SEBI Regn No. NSE :- INB/INF 231271736 TM Code :- 12717       SEBI Regn No. BSE :- INB 011271732 / INF011271733 Clg No. 6345       SEBI Regn No. MCX-Sx :- INE 261271736 TM Code :- 18500
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